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I've joined the Community TFS Build Extensions project and moved my UpdateAssemblyInfo activity to it under the name AssemblyInfo. I will no longer publish update on this project page.
You will find a lot more activities under the TFS Build Extensions project and we hope to address as many need as possible.


Project Description
The UpdateAssemblyInfo activity provides a way to manipulate the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion attributes in AssemblyInfo files at build time. It works with C# and VB AssemblyInfo files.

These activities are a update for TeamBuild 2010 of the AssemblyInfo task written by Neil Enns ( with some enhancements and restrictions.

The UpdateAssemblyInfoFile activity provides a way to update the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion attributes at build time by specifying a replacement pattern. The resulting values are available as output parameters AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion.
The UpdateAssemblyInfo activity works on a list of files and returns the resulting versions as output parameters MaxAssemblyVersion and MaxAssemblyFileVersion.

Version numbers are of the form A.B.C.D, where:
  • A is the major version
  • B is the minor version
  • C is the build number
  • D is the revision

The input pattern must have this format and supports the following tokens:
  • $(current): uses the current value.
  • $(increment): increments the current value.
  • $(date:<format>): uses the current date formatted with the specified <format>.
  • An integer: forces the value to the specified value.

Example of pattern: "$(current).$(current).$(increment).0". This pattern keeps the current major and minor version, increments the build number and forces the revision to 0.

Look at the documentation tab for more info on the activities parameters.

There's a sample process template in the download section. For a detail explanation you can read my blog:

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